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Single Serve Hot & Iced Small Batch Judges

Scott Svihula | Hula Consulting
Scott Svihula has carved out a niche as an expert in the specialty coffee and tea industry. His discerning palate has garnered him many industry awards and achievements. He further fortifies his multi-faceted skill set encompassing strategic planning, product development, operations, marketing, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, training, sales and field-to-cup production management. He brings exceptional business acumen focused on enhancing sales and revenue growth within regional and nationally leading brands supported by impactful advertising, continuous research, and a talent for identifying and capitalizing on emerging industry trends. Scott recently started his own tea and coffee consulting business, Hula Consulting™, to offer a unique one stop service approach offering everything a company needs to grow, whether they are a startup or have been in business for decades. His customized consulting approach allows companies to capitalize on his skills and knowledge to target specific growth areas.

Rob McCaleb | The Herb Research Foundation
Rob McCaleb is the founder and president of the Herb Research Foundation, a researcher, writer and educator and a leading proponent of natural health care with botanical and nutritional products. He was Research Director at Celestial Seasonings for 13 years, building their analytical lab and quality programs, including the first ever professional flavor profiling and control program for herbal products. He helped develop many of their herbal tea products, built their botanical research library, and conducted global quality troubleshooting of the herbal supply chain. Currently, he works with companies to assist them in formulating, labeling and marketing natural and organic foods, especially tea products, dietary supplements, and functional foods.

Educated in Cellular Biology and Botany at the University of Texas and University of Colorado, he was a PhD candidate in Ethnobotany (ABD) at Union Institute. He is author of The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs, Best Herbs for Healing and was co-founder and technical editor of HerbalGram. McCaleb headed the Technical Committee of the American Herbal Products Association and was one of only two botanical scientists on the presidentially-appointed Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels created under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which studied global regulation of natural health products. McCaleb has worked for over 30 years in sustainable herb growing and harvesting operations and marketing ventures.

Gilbert Frank Kendzior | All Points Tea Consulting LLC
Gilbert's career in the tea industry began in 1980 when he joined Lipton in the United Kingdom. After one year of basic tasting and sourcing training he was posted to Ceylon where auction buying and tasting skills were honed, commonly he evaluated some 1000 cups per day! Lipton Malawi was the next stop for two years followed by five years in Mombasa, at that time a very fast growing auction and shipping point. Then it was time to move to the consuming countries, first back to the UK, then Canada where he also purchased green coffee beans and finally the USA in 1993. There he was responsible for quality control, blending/blend development, and sourcing teas of all types including black, green decaf. Bold Brew, organic and herbals from some 25 countries. Gilbert made frequent overseas visits to evaluate suppliers, share tea knowledge and increase his experience regarding tea manufacture.

Gilbert retired from Lipton in 2011 and subsequently, after numerous tea assistance requests, started his own business "All Points Tea Consulting LLC", which he manages from Wilmington NC where he resides.