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2017 Packaged Single Serve Competition Winners

NATC17 Winners Seal

Rating Guidelines

Our 100-point rating system, is not a mirror of the wine ratings commonly seen, where all wines seem to earn a score of 85 to 95. Instead teas entered are more critically evaluated, and the following guidelines can be used to interpret the resulting ratings:

  • 96 - 100   Superior: Unique tea, difficult to replicate, exceptional vintage
  • 90 - 95     Outstanding: A distinctive tea with brilliant style
  • 80 - 89     Very Good: A tea with great characteristics
  • 70 - 79     Above Average: A tea with particularly desirable qualities
  • 60 – 69    Good: Good quality tea typical for the category
  • 50 – 59    Average: Mainstream Tea
  • 40 – 49    Mediocre: Below expectations
  • 0 – 39      Poor: Not recommended

There is a minimum threshold score that must be met in order to take a certain place. They are:

80 - First Place
70 - Second Place
60 - Third Place

Category Tea Name Ranking
White Tea Silk Road Teas White Peony 3rd
Green Steamed Shohokuenchaten Co., Ltd. Uji Gyokuro Tea Bag 1st
Green Steamed Ito En (North American) Inc. Matcha Green Traditional 2nd
Green Steamed Newby Teas Green Sencha 25 Count Tea Bags 3rd
Green Pan Fired Zealong Tea Estate Zealong Green 2nd
Green Pan Fired Shangri La Tea Co. Inc. Organic Green 3rd
Green Oolong Zealong Tea Estate Zealong Oolong 1st
Black (Single Origin) Zealong Tea Estate Zealong Black 1st
Black (Single Origin) Glenburn Tea Direct Pure Darjeeling Tea 2nd
Black (Single Origin) Newby Teas Darjeeling 25 Count Tea Bags 3rd
Breakfast Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Emperor’s Breakfast 3rd
Pu-erh/Dark Tea Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Vintage Pu’er 2nd
Green Blended Ito En (North American) Inc. Matcha Green Ginger 3rd
Oolong Blended No Winners
Black Blended Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Chai Spice Black Tea Sachet 3rd
Pu-erh/Dark Blended No Winners
Herbal Blended (Cup) Special Tea Company Detox Supreme with BC30 Probiotic 3rd
Herbal Blended (Bagged) Numi Turmeric Three Roots 1st
Herbal Blended (Bagged) Twigs Naturals Caribbean Christmas Tea 2nd
Herbal Blended (Bagged) Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Organic Chamomile Lavender Mint Herbal Tea Sachet 3rd
Herbal Twigs Naturals Mint Tea 3rd
White Flavored Big T NYC Tell-Tale Glow 3rd
Green Flavored (Hot Soluble) No Winners
Green Flavored (Bagged) Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Royal Passion Fruit Green 2nd
Green Flavored (Bagged) Newby Teas Oriental Sencha 25 Count Tea Bags 3rd
Oolong Flavored No Winners
Black Flavored (Hot Soluble) No Winners
Black Flavored (Bagged) Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company Organic Earl Grey Black Tea 2nd
Black Flavored (Bagged) Mighty Leaf Tea Earl Grey Crème 3rd
Rooibos Flavored (Cup) No Winners
Rooibos Flavored (Bagged) Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Blood Orange Rooibos 2nd
Rooibos Flavored (Bagged) Walters Bay Vanilla Rooibos 3rd
Herbal Flavored Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company Organic Detox Herbal Tea for Recovery 2nd
Herbal Flavored Celestial Seasonings Sangria Zinger 3rd