2017 Fall Hot (Loose Leaf) Winners

NATC17 Winners Seal

Rating Guidelines

Our 100-point rating system, is not a mirror of the wine ratings commonly seen, where all wines seem to earn a score of 85 to 95. Instead teas entered are more critically evaluated, and the following guidelines can be used to interpret the resulting ratings:

  • 96 - 100   Superior: Unique tea, difficult to replicate, exceptional vintage
  • 90 - 95     Outstanding: A distinctive tea with brilliant style
  • 80 - 89     Very Good: A tea with great characteristics
  • 70 - 79     Above Average: A tea with particularly desirable qualities
  • 60 – 69    Good: Good quality tea typical for the category
  • 50 – 59    Average: Mainstream Tea
  • 40 – 49    Mediocre: Below expectations
  • 0 – 39      Poor: Not recommended

There is a minimum threshold score that must be met in order to take a certain place. They are:

80 - Gold Medal
70 - Silver Medal
60 - Bronze Medal

Category Tea Name Ranking
Kukicha Teaja Organics Kukicha 2nd
Hojicha Sugimoto America SA Hoji Cha 2nd
Hojicha TeaSource Hojicha 3rd
Gunpowder No Winners
Jasmine Green (Open Leaf) Garden to Cup Organics Moonlight Jasmine 2nd
Jasmine Green (Open Leaf) Teaja Organics Starlight Jasmine 3rd
Jasmine Green (Pearl) Teaja Organics Jasmine Pearls Private Reserve 1st
Jasmine Green (Pearl) Garden to Cup Organics Jasmine Pearls Private Reserve 2nd
Jasmine Green (Pearl) Royal Tea NY Jasmine Pearls 3rd
Assam Florapharm Tea USA LP Assam GTGFOP1 Halmari (cl) 1st
Assam Dinjoye Tea Estate Assam Golden Tips 2nd
Assam Chota Tingrai Tea Estate Chota Tingrai Assam Whole Leaf Black Tea (TGFOP1) 3rd
Darjeeling (2nd) No Winners
Darjeeling (Autumnal) Teaja Organics Darjeeling Autumn 3rd
Keemun Garden to Cup Organics Imperial Keemun Private Reserve 2nd
Keemun Meimei Fine Teas Imperial Gongfu Black Tea 3rd
Yunnan Garden to Cup Organics Yunnan Golden Tip 2nd
Yunnan Teaja Organics Yunnan Golden Monkey 3rd
Black Tea (Orthodox) Lumbini Tea Factory (Pvt) Ltd Lumbini Sinharaja Wiry Tips (FBOPF Extra Special) 1st
Black Tea (Orthodox) Florapharm Tea USA LP NOP Organic Nepal Hand Rolled Floral Guranse 2nd
Black Tea (Orthodox) Teaja Organics Wuyishan Golden Tips 3rd
Pu-erh Tea International Tea Importers Pu-erh 2nd
Pu-erh Tea Garden to Cup Organics Pu’erh 1998 Private Reserve 3rd
Dark Tea Garden to Cup Organics Lu’an Private Reserve 2nd
Black Tea (Machine, CTC) Amarawati Tea Company LTD Halmari Gold CTC 2nd
Black Tea (Machine, CTC) Compañia Ecuatoriana del Té, C.A. Black CTC 2017 3rd
Breakfast Blend Lumbini Tea Factory (PVT) LTD Lumbini Breakfast Tea (FBOPF) 1st
Breakfast Blend Second: Tapestry Tea Company Irish Breakfast 2nd
Breakfast Blend Garden to Cup Organics Quatrain Breakfast 3rd
Blended Oolong Teaja Organics Lemongrass Mint Oolong 1st
Blended Oolong Garden to Cup Organics Osmanthus Oolong 2nd
Blended Black Agricola Himalaya High Grown Colombian Cacao Kisses 2nd
Blended Black De Koffieliefhebber Crispy Chocolate 3rd
Blended Pu-erh/Dark Tea Sip Black Walnut Brownie 1st
Blended Pu-erh/Dark Carytown Teas Blood Orange Puerh 3rd
Ginseng Oolong Garden to Cup Organics Ginseng Oolong Supreme 1st
Ginseng Oolong Sipping Streams Tea Company Ginseng Oolong 2nd
Ginseng Oolong Teaja Organics Ginseng Oolong 3rd
Moroccan Mint Tea Forte Moroccan Mint 2nd
Moroccan Mint Garden to Cup Organics Moroccan Mint 3rd
Flavored Oolong Citizentea.com Creamy Nut Oolong 1st
Flavored Oolong Teazen Angelic Aroma 2nd
Flavored Oolong La Creme Coffee & Tea Pumpkin Spice Oolong Tea 3rd
Flavored Black Churchill’s Fine Teas Lemon Drops Black Tea 1st
Flavored Black Garden to Cup Organics Citron Mint Black 2nd
Flavored Black Tea Sip Lemon Lime 3rd
Earl Grey Black Garden to Cup Organics Majestic Earl Grey 2nd
Earl Grey Black Whispering Pines Tea Company Earl Gold Reserve 3rd
Flavored Pu-erh/Dark Teaja Organics Tangerine Basil Pu’erh 1st
Flavored Pu-erh/Dark Dethlefsen & Balk Pu-Erh Pistachio 2nd
Flavored Pu-erh/Dark La Creme Coffee & Tea Diet Blend Tea 3rd
Chai (Masala Chai) Tea Sip Masala Chai 1st
Chai (Masala Chai) Teaja Organics Mumbai Chai 3rd
Lapsang Souchong Mark T. Wendell Tea Company HU-KWA 3rd