What is GTC?

What is the Global Tea Championship?


The Global Tea Championship™ is an independent competition, judged by tea professionals to distinguish the highest quality & best tasting teas commercially available.

The Global Tea Championship would be honored to evaluate and experience your tea. Here's what sets us apart and makes our competitions unique and respected in the tea industry:

  • Open entry to all commercially sold teas globally
  • Extensive Rules and Regulations
  • Formalized judging agreement
  • Detailed criteria for judge selection and judge term lengths
  • Defined preparation for time, temperature, weight, etc.
  • High required minimum scores for each place to qualify to medal

The Global Tea Championship is made up of four competitions, each consisting of its own categories and judging panel:

Packaged Single-Service Competition | TBD for 2020

Fall Hot Loose Leaf Tea Competition | TBD for 2020

Spring Hot - Loose Leaf | 2019 Winners

Commercial Iced Tea | 2019 Winners

Medal-Winning Teas Receive…

The Global Tea Championship rewards its’ medal-winning teas with tools to boost your tea exposure and success:

  • Winners of the Global Tea Championship are announced after each respective evaluation, personally and in the press release.
  • Winning companies receive a formal announcement letter that includes the tea’s rating and ranking as well as a print-ready seal that can be used for all promotional materials and packaging. Scores and professional feedback are also provided.
  • All winners are given opportunity to showcase their winning teas at the Winner’s Tasting Circle at World Tea Expo with a chance to win a People’s Tea Choice Award