2015 Fall Hot Tea Champions

NATC15 Winners Seal

Rating Guidelines

  • 96 - 100 Rare: Unique tea, difficult to replicate in future manufacturing processes
  • 90 - 95 Outstanding: a distinctive tea with brilliant style
  • 80 - 89 Very Good: a tea with superior characteristics
  • 70 - 79 Above Average: a tea with particularly desirable qualities

Scores must reach the following thresholds in order to qualify for Gold Medal, Silver Medal & Bronze Medal.

Gold Medal : 80+
Silver Medal: 79-75
Bronze Medal: 74-70

Category Company Name Tea Name Place Rating Website
Aged/Baked Oolong Garden to Cup Organics Dong Ding Classical 1 85 www.gardentocup.com
Aged/Baked Oolong Chayo Tea  Muzha Honey Tieguanyin 2 79 www.chayotea.com
Aged/Baked Oolong Rishi Tea  Organic Ruby Oolong 3 74 www.rishi-tea.com
Assam Florapharm Halmari GTGFOP1 Clonal 1 83 www.florapharmteausa.com
Assam Garden to Cup Organics Royal Assam Garden 2 82 www.gardentocup.com
Assam Rishi Tea  Organic Golden Assam 3 79 www.rishi-tea.com
Bai Hao/Oriental Beauty Garden to Cup Organics Champagne Oolong 1 88 www.gardentocup.com
Bai Hao/Oriental Beauty Rishi Tea  Organic Eastern Beauty 2 85 www.rishi-tea.com
Bai Hao/Oriental Beauty Rishi Tea  Organic Bai Hao Tips 3 84 www.rishi-tea.com
Black Tea The Tea House Black Dan Cong 1 84 www.theteahouse.com
Black Tea Rishi Tea  Organic Himalayan Black 2 83 www.rishi-tea.com
Black Tea Florapharm New Vithanakande FBOPFEXSP 3 82 www.florapharmteausa.com
Black Tea - CTC SAHPAT teas CTC (BOPSM) 1 83 www.sahpat.com
Black Tea - CTC Walters Bay  Walters Bay BPS 2 82 www.waltersbay.com
Black Tea - CTC Ajiri Tea Company Ajiri Tea: Kenyan Black Tea 3 80 www.ajiritea.com
Blended Black Tea w/ Other Botanicals Garden to Cup Organics Black Rose Garden 3 70 www.gardentocup.com
Breakfast Blend Walters Bay  Walters Bay BOPA 1 81 www.waltersbay.com
Breakfast Blend Rishi Tea  Organic China Breakfast 2 77 www.rishi-tea.com
Breakfast Blend Rishi Tea  Organic English Breakfast 3 76 www.rishi-tea.com
Chai Rishi Tea  Organic Masala Chai 2 75 www.rishi-tea.com
Chai  Firepot Nomadic Teas Firepot Masala Chai 3 74 www.firepot.com
Darjeeling Florapharm Jungpana Upper FTGFOP1 1 82 www.florapharmteausa.com
Dark Oolong Tea ITO EN Wuyi Water Golden Turtle 1 85 www.itoen.com
Dark Oolong Tea Nepali Tea Traders Annapurna Amber 2 84 www.nepaliteatraders.com
Dark Oolong Tea The Tea House Shui Mi Xiang Dan Cong / Honey Orchid Dan Cong 3 81 www.theteahouse.com
Earl Grey Rishi Tea  Organic Earl Grey Supreme 2 79 www.rishi-tea.com
Earl Grey Murchie's Tea & Coffee Earl Grey 3 78 www.murchies.com
Flavored Black Tea Florapharm Sunflowers 2 77 www.florapharmteausa.com
Flavored Black Tea Dethlefsen & Balk Irish Morning (Rum/Cream) Black Tea 3 74 www.dethlefsen-balk.us
Flavored Oolong  Florapharm Apricot Crepe 3 72 www.florapharmteausa.com
Flavored Rooibos Blend Garden to Cup Organics Guava Citrus Rooibos 2 79 www.gardentocup.com
Flavored Rooibos Blend Dethlefsen & Balk Creamsicle (Orange) Rooibos 3 78 www.dethlefsen-balk.us
Green Jasmine Open Leaf Rishi Tea  Organic Moonlight Jasmine 1 83 www.rishi-tea.com
Green Jasmine Open Leaf Golden Monkey Tea Importers Starlight Jasmine 2 79 www.goldenmonkeytea.com
Green Jasmine Pearl Garden to Cup Organics Imperial Jasmine Pearls 1 83 www.gardentocup.com
Green Jasmine Pearl Golden Monkey Tea Importers Jasmine Pearls 2 81 www.goldenmonkeytea.com
Green Jasmine Pearl Tea Forte Jasmine Dragon Pearl 3 80 www.teaforte.com
Green Oolong Soleil Industrial Inc DBA Golden Tea Leaf Co.  Ali Mountain Oolong 1 85 www.goldentleaf.com
Green Oolong Garden to Cup Organics Orchid Oolong 2 84 www.gardentocup.com
Green Oolong Rishi Tea  Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong 3 83 www.rishi-tea.com
Jade Ti Kuan Yin Garden to Cup Organics Jade Ti Kuan Yin 3 70 www.gardentocup.com
Traditional Ti Kuan Yin Rishi Tea  Iron Goddess of Mercy 3 74 www.rishi-tea.com
Yunnan Garden to Cup Organics Hunnan Golden Ring Private Reserve 2 78 www.gardentocup.com
Yunnan Garden to Cup Organics Yunnan Golden Monkey 3 75 www.gardentocup.com