Commercial Iced Tea Judges

Mim Enck
Mim's interest in the world of food and beverage began at an early age because her family was in the hospitality business and encouraged her to experiment in all phases of food and beverage.

Feeling frustrated with corporate life, Mim decided to jump in the car and travel throughout the United States. After traveling for 5 months in all regions of the US and Canada, she was enthralled with the tastes, sights and sounds encountered on her wonderful journey. Realizing there was life beyond the US, she traveled to Europe visiting coffeehouses and tea salons to better understand the culture of tea. This trip then lead to spending time with Julia Child and Simone Beck in southern France. Their influence imbued the love of food and preparing food with fresh ingredients and integrity. This journey also sparked ideas of using tea as an ingredient in cooking. After experimenting, tasting and developing recipes it continues to be a delightful experience.

Today, she is president of East Indies Coffee and Tea Company, specializing in the tea division of our company. Thanks to her husband’s belief that evolved women have a naturally developed palate, he has become the “wind beneath my wings”. Tea is a great connector to many peoples throughout the world. In today’s world, tea calm’s and lifts the spirit as well.

Ravi Pillai
Ravi is a Tea taster with 35 years of experience in the Tea industry, of which almost 20 years being associated in the management of tea estates/gardens, and Tea processing, on plantations in Sri Lanka, covering Nursery management and tea planting field works, pre and post harvesting practices and tea production. From Planting, to Marketing of teas & Overseas Business Development, Buying teas from the tea auctions, and from origin, and developing blends and standards to meet foreign client requirements, Ravi has travelled to many countries across the Middle East, Europe and East Asia to market and sell teas and offer advice in development of client specifics and needs.

He was a consultant in a leading conglomerate in Turkey, with the role of developing tea standards for their brand, and also being an adviser to tea producers in the Black Sea region on leaf styles and quality of teas produced. Ravi was also actively involved in the Spice trade, and also served on the Management Board of the Sri Lanka Spice Association for many years.

Ravi currently serves on the Board of Directors, of the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada, on the board of the World Tea Expo, and is a Tea competition Judge and a panellist for Foodservice Tea Grading certifications.

Ravi is accredited with an Advanced Diploma in Plantation Management awarded by the National Institute of Plantation Management in Sri Lanka, a Tea Sommelier, certified by the Tea Academy of Canada, and is a certified “Tea Specialist” and “Tea Professional” conferred by the World Tea Academy (USA).

Anthony Capobianco | Zen Tea Traders, Founder/CEO
Anthony Capobianco has been in the tea industry for more than 10 years. He founded Zen Tea Traders in 2008 where they provide full leaf artisan teas from around the world. Anthony has spent time in Japan visiting tea gardens and cupping many teas in an effort to better understand this art form and to personally meet his farmers. Anthony helps restaurants, hotels, coffee bars and corporations step up their tea game while keeping things simple. Anthony has consulted for several tea companies helping them to increase revenues and enhance the customer experience. Anthony has been featured on several morning television shows, podcasts, newspapers and magazines all in an effort to bring awareness to the age old beverage we call Tea.