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What is GTC?

2014 Winners Seal

Rating Guidelines

  • 96 - 100 Rare: Unique tea, difficult to replicate in future manufacturing processes
  • 90 - 95 Outstanding: a distinctive tea with brilliant style
  • 80 - 89 Very Good: a tea with superior characteristics
  • 70 - 79 Above Average: a tea with particularly desirable qualities

2014 Spring Harvest Class Competition - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners

Class Category Company Tea Website Ranking
Blended Green Tea Aiya America Matcha Infused Genmaicha aiya-america.com 1
Blended Green Tea DoMatcha GenMai Cha with Matcha Blend domatcha.com 2
Blended Green Tea Newby Teas Ltd Genmai Matcha newbyteas.com 3
Ceylon QTrade Teas & Herbs Ceylon Sapphire qtradeteas.com 1
Ceylon Walters Bay Walters Bay FBOPFEXSP waltersbay.com 2
Ceylon International Tea Importers New Vithanakanda SFTGFOP-1 teavendor.com 3
Darjeeling Florapharm Tea USA LP Organic Darjeeling Jungpana Wonder Muscatel, 2nd flush florapharmteausa.com 1
Darjeeling Glenburn Tea Direct Glenburn Darjeeling First Flush glenburnteadirect.com 2
Darjeeling Teas Etc, Inc. Darjeeling 1st Flush, Singell Estate teasetc.com 3
Dragonwell QTrade Teas & Herbs Dragonwell's Gold qtradeteas.com 1
Dragonwell Firsd Tea West Lake Dragon Well firsdtea.com 2
Dragonwell TeaGschwendner China Lung Ching tgtea.com 3
Flavored Fruit Blend QTrade Teas & Herbs Garcina Corvina qtradeteas.com 1
Flavored Fruit Blend Florapharm Tea USA LP Tropical Sky Natural florapharmteausa.com 2
Flavored Fruit Blend SerendipiTea Strictly Strawberry serendipiTea.com 3
Flavored Green Tea Dethlefsen & Balk Inc. Mango/Mirabelle dethlefsen-balk.us 1
Flavored Green Tea NINA'S INTERNATIONAL Balade a Shanghai ninasteastore.com 2
Flavored Green Tea NINA'S INTERNATIONAL The des Muses ninasteastore.com 3
Flavored Herbal Blends QTrade Teas & Herbs O.M.G (Orange Mango Ginger) qtradeteas.com 1
Flavored Herbal Blends Florapharm Tea USA LP Vanilla Lemongrass florapharmteausa.com 2
Flavored Herbal Blends ITO EN Blood Orange Tisane itoen.com 3
Flavored White Tea Waterfall Teas Organic Orange Ginger White Tea waterfallteas.com 1
Flavored White Tea TeaGschwendner Pomegranate-Elderflower tgtea.com 2
Flavored White Tea Florapharm Tea USA LP White Pearl of Fujian florapharmteausa.com 3
Matcha Aiya America Premium Matcha aiya-america.com 1
Matcha ITO EN Organic Matcha Love itoen.com 2
Matcha The Taste of Tea (Chado-En LLC) Matcha: Ceremonial Grade Usucha thetasteoftea.com 3
Pan Fired Green Tea AMOREPACIFIC OSULLOC Sejak sulloc.co.kr 3
Pan-Fired Green Tea AMOREPACIFIC OSULLOC Illohyang sulloc.co.kr 1
Pan-Fired Green Tea QTrade Teas & Herbs Pan Fired Green Needles qtradeteas.com 2
Sencha International Tea Importers Sencha Supreme (Arihara) teavendor.com 1
Sencha Aiya America Premium Sencha aiya-america.com 2
Sencha ITO EN Ujitawara Yabukita itoen.com 3
Steamed Green Tea Aiya America Premium Gyokuro aiya-america.com 1
Steamed Green Tea TeaSource Saemidori #50 teasource.com 2
Steamed Green Tea ITO EN Chiran Yukata Midori itoen.com 3
Unflavored Herbal Blends Florapharm Tea USA LP Refreshment florapharmteausa.com 1
Unflavored Herbal Blends Dethlefsen & Balk Inc. Organic Chocolate Magic dethlefsen-balk.us 2
Unflavored Herbal Blends SerendipTea Koh Samet Sun serendipiTea.com 3
White Tea Dewdrop Tea White Peony by Fang Shoulong dewdroptea.com 1
White Tea Glenburn Tea Direct Glenburn Darjeeling Silver Needle glenburnteadirect.com 2
White Tea QTrade Teas & Herbs Silver Needles Premium qtradeteas.com 3