Iced Tea Competition

2019 Iced Tea Competition

Showcase your iced teas and receive feedback from respected, expert tea professionals within the industry. All you need to do is enter your teas here (detailed instructions are below). We look forward to tasting your teas!

Important Dates:


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Tea Samples Due*


Winners Notified

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How to enter the Iced Tea Competition:

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*PLEASE NOTE: All entry samples must be shipped to ARRIVE no later than __________. Any entries not received by ______ by 4 PM MST may be subject to automatic disqualification. Packing for each individual tea must be airtight and properly sealed to avoid cross-contamination with other teas.

All entry samples must be shipped to arrive no earlier than 2 weeks prior to championship for domestic shipments (4 weeks prior for international shipments) and no later than 4 days prior to the championship date. Any submission received after that date will be automatically disqualified.